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Billy Gruner
CM6 Collective Monochrome Project
2007 NOS opening event

The Collective Monochrome Project began in 2003 during an exhibition of Radical Painting in Fremantle Western Australia. As an idea it emerged out of my ongoing involvement with artists interested in Artists Run Spaces in Australian and abroad. As such I have been working with numbers of artists, friends and acquaintances likewise interested in contemporary painting Practices since the mid 1990s. This one project emerged out of a variety of others, however it became more interesting as time went on because of its social nature. There are 6 CM paintings already done in various locations around the world.

The process is simple, a venue is found where artists and so on can meet even just for a single night, guest are invited and they can sign up for the project by painting a layer of (blue only) paint on a canvas. That work is listed as done by them as a group, and as in CM 6 (Melbourne) for instance, will join with the other works which are then able to be shown as a group or individually at another venue et al. In this fashion highly formal painting practices become a shared and individually experienced work - these small but interesting paintings become a record not only of my own practice but more importantly of a broader more complex set of relationships between people places and time.