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Beat Zoderer
Pastose Malerei
Wool in glue on canvas
42 x 42 cm

Beat Zoderer
* 1955 in Zurich (CH)
Lives & works in Wettingen (CH) and Genoa (I)

Since the production of his de-constructivist sculptures and objects in the early ‘80’s, the constituent parts of Zoderer’s early work - mostly found, used elements - have given way to the employment of brand new, manufactured materials, whose sensual opulence, formal and textural diversity, variety of colors, and unlimited availability, constitute an inexhaustible physical resource for his artistic practice. In his recourse to industrial materials, Zoderer not only undermines any references towards Constructivism and Concrete Art, but also with a refreshing irony broadens the perspective on the reciprocal transfer between the material realities of art and life.