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Clemens Hollerer
Untitled 2007
Enamel on wood.  In 5 parts
155 x 533 cm each
site specific

Clemens Hollerer
Mapping the space. Leaving a trace. These are the adventures of an identity on the search for its proper place. Clemens Hollerer is interested in the folds of subjectivity, but also in the layers of representation. He follows ordinary forms, found geometries, denoting their life and functioning. He reacts to space, by either responding to it, supporting or questioning it. To do this he uses his own language of shapes and colors. He takes away the idea of what he is looking at and sees it as shape or how areas relate to each other. The results are site-specific wall paintings as well as installations and painted objects. His hyper-attention and constant search for aesthetic compositions build up a tension, which prompts his search for perfection in expression and provides his works with a rhythmic quality.