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Emmanelle Villard
Object Visuel N༠ 40.13 (perles argentees)
Object Visuel N༠ 20.07 (le fruit)
Object Visuel N༠ 30.06 (la mine)
Object Visuel N༠ 40.12 (perles blanches)
Object Visuel N༠ 40.15 (piquants chromes)
Object Visuel N༠ 30.11 (rose fluo)
Object Visuel Etoile N༠ 1
Mixed media

Emmanuelle Villard
* 1970 in Montpellier (F)

Lives & works in Paris (F) & Brussels (B)

Proceeding like a chemist, an alchemist or a five-star chef, Villard explores primarily the artifices of seduction in her artistic practice, notably painting, installations and photography. Ingredients are carefully chosen, combined and recombined, shaken and stirred. However, nothing goes to waste in the 'cuisine pictorale' of Emmanuelle Villard. Leftovers and residues are kept for later use in future 'recipes'. Her colorful, flashy paintings, usually installed on the wall and most recently also suspended from the ceiling, are sexy, sensual, almost Epicurean, and fully aware of their enticing qualities. A whirlwind of opulent colors and materiality, they are sending the viewer through hot flushes and a seemingly endless row of yearning and desire. One not only wants to touch and hold them, but most likely lick them of the wall. ‘The touching part of Emmanuelle Villard’s work lies in its double invitation: an admission to the trials and aesthetic jubilation of painting, and, at the same time, the opening up of abstract painting to contemporary problematics-image consumption, the body, intimacy, femininity…’ (excerpt from: Larys Frogier, “ Emmanuelle Villard: painting skin-deep”, catalogue 'Emmanuelle Villard', La Criée centre d’art contemporain, Rennes, 2002).