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Léopoldine Roux
BOB 1-3
Lacquer on polyurethane and wood
120 x 50 / 90 x 30 cm / 60 x 50 cm

Leopoldine Roux
* 1979 in Lyon (F)
Lives & works in Brussels (B)

The visual work of LéopoldineRoux questions all the painting conventions: it is based upon fundamental experimentation and explores all the potentialities of the dismembering generally accepted principles. Upon entering the artists workshop one immediately realizes that her work situates itself mostly in the past, in that place where all experiments remain possible. (...) Treating flat surfaces as volumes, but also balancing them time-wise, integrating them in a suspended time, not frozen. (Excerpt from Chance as an experiment by Frédérique Margraff in the catalogue du diaphane et de l’illusion, iselp 2003.