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Renée Levi
Untitled 2007
Acrylic on canvas 80 x 80 cm

Renée Levi * 1960 in Istanbul (TR) Lives & works in Basel (CH)

“Levi is known for working in public space, but perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she works on public space, on its re-elaboration, whereas it is on the point of becoming undone from palpable space. Far from rejecting this, Levi takes it as her starting point, such that her pieces, although physically inscribed in public places (schools, working-class housing complexes, banks, hospitals, cantonal assemblies and so on), go beyond the framework of the in situ work of art. Her oeuvre betokens an age in which one can no longer postulate the identity of the space or the site. Real sites are no more because physical spaces are configured and established by virtual contexts, because the site is the canvas. Whatever a subject’s position on the surface of the earth, the question that can be justifiably asked is far less Who am I? Than Where am I? On what control screen? In what fold of the globalized hypertext? It is a question that is immediately reversed to become Where am I then, I whose body is “here?” What is that “here” all about? Levi works at the heart of this seizure of the real body by the virtual text and the confusion that implies. (Catherine Perret, excerpt from‘Orientation’, in: Renée Levi. Kill me afterwards, catalogue, Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, Museum Folkwang Essen 2003