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Tilman & Wolfgang Glum
...sous le soleil... 2007
Lacquer on wood with sound
Variable site-specific

Tilman & Wolfgang Glum * 1959 in Munich (D) Lives & works in Brussels (B) and New York, NY (USA) Since his early experiments in photography in the late ‘70s, the investigation of the element ‘light’ has been the primary focus of Tilman’s artistic practice. His works can be understood as a carrier, a mediator of light in its physical quality. Exploring continuously more refined ways of presenting color as transmitter of ‘light’ while seeking a more concrete dimension of perception, Tilman’s choice in the form/color debate has always been clear: form and structure are a vehicle for the interaction of colors. His decisive break from gestural abstractions in the move to an apparent hard-edge style along with his transition into the three-dimensional realm amounts to a ‘painterly’ translation of light and a new way of exploring the nature of color relationships while simultaneously re-contextualizing the ‘practical’, daily object. With his use of more ‘practical’ materials (Polyurethane, industrial lacquer, aluminum, MDF, Plexi etc) extends his palette as he brings up the common connotations of color for review. Tilman’s specific overtures towards the architecture of a given (exhibition) space determine the space as a framing component for the featured ‘elements’, whose inner relationships often mimic the overall installation strategy. In refining the intellectual as well as the physical stand points of his audience, Tilman’s spatial interventions invite participation, projection and reflection in the realm of the visible - light, its potential and its impact.