Julie Ryan

Giasco Bertoli
Karine Fauchard
Doug Johnston
Lazar Lyutakov
Carolyn Marks Blackwood
Walter Robinson
Tamuna Sirbiladze
Jason Stopa
Lawrence Weiner




July 8 – August 27, 2017


Julie Ryan has conceived an exhibition titled GNOMONS. The part of a sundial that casts a shadow is called a gnomon. GNOMONS opens at the height of a Tulette summer; short shadows of influence and inspiration build amongst the artists and artworks as well as the broader region and landscape. With a nod to Paul Cézanne's masterpieces Three Bathers (1879-82) and Kitchen Table (1888-90) the exhibition is organized thematically to riparian habitats, aspects of domestic life, water, bathers, light and the power of influence. GNOMONS casts a net of tiny shadows and draws upon formal and relational aspects of art making and living with art to create an exhibition moored to art history and one another in this site specific exhibition. 

Ryan’s paintings, sculpture and performance often incorporate aspects of curatorial modes of display and investigate the subtle permissions artists grant one another within the group exhibition format and through visual and social collaboration.

Ryan will include the work of the late Georgian born artist Tamuna Sirbiladze, a site-specific work by American conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner as well as paintings by New Yorker Walter Robinson. The presentation will also feature works by American fiber sculptor Doug Johnston and photographer Carolyn Marks Blackwood. Lazar Lyutakov and Karine Fauchard, along with Ryan, will participate in the residency and exhibition.

Paris based photographer Giasco Bertoli will create an edition of his popular cult tendance publication Roses Tatouées. This edition will function as the catalogue to GNOMONS and exist as a portable exhibition within an exhibition, a theme that Ryan often engages in her work.