NOS SPRING 2018 Upcoming Exhibition


press release

samedi 30 juin
17 heures - 20 heures

30 juin - 12 aoüt
ouvert le weekend
16 heures - 19 heures



italo zuffi

charlie jeffrey

margherita morgantin

anna wittenberg

julie béna

nick oberthaler

manon vargas

marie de brugerolle






NOS Exhibition 2018 - Hospitality

NOS 2018 Tulette France - Hospitality





Non-Objectif Sud is pleased to announce Marie de Brugerolle as the NOS 2018 summer curator.

Julie Béna (F)
Charlie Jeffery (UK)
Margherita Morgantin (IT)
Nick Oberthaler (A)
Manon Vargas (F)
Anna Wittenberg (USA)
Italo Zuffi (IT)

Exhibition: June 30 - August 26
Weekends only
Opening: Saturday June 30
5 p.m. - 8 p.m.

1658 Chemin de la ferme La Barralière
Tulette, 26790 France

A host has a double meaning: he is the one who welcomes and the one who is welcome. Hostis means friend and enemy, in Latin. In Greek, Xenia is the stranger. Derrida wonders if, to offer hospitality, we need to start from the certainty of a house, or only from the dislocation of the homeless where the authentic hospitality can take place.Maybe only the one who suffers the deprivation from having a home, can offer hospitality.

Dealing with the question of the frontier, the border and the threshold, extended to what grounds our hospitality, on earth, in our countries, from our nations, on-going travellers and migrating birds, Hospitality addresses the multiple layers of paths that we cross, as human beings making art. The art pieces, a result from the series of encounters, will remain as traces of our constant movements, between here and there. Painting, sculpting, moving, arranging images, making objects, speaking an ever going broken international English from France, the Czech Republic, England, Austria, Italy, the U.S.A., different cooking and jokes, and finally eating, laughing and sharing space and time, around a table, under a tree, in a house, outside, in a courtyard, we'll spend some days and nights, rising and falling, to think about our paces and building a common time, before disappearing. All the hosts haunt a house; making it a live hive, for one summer.

Charlie Jeffery, Manon Vargas and Nick Oberthaller will create new paintings, extending the notion of the studio as a scene or the table as a canvas, sometimes. Margherita Morgantin and Italo Zuffi will propose new works based on their quest about performance, semiotics of the body and feminism today. Julie Béna will create a piece extending the perimeters of performance and objects, maybe thinking about Oedipus and Antigone as the best known hosts in our common history. Anna Wittenberg's mechanics of fluids will innerve her appealing and disturbing hybrid objects.